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Welcome to Dazzl3d!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 10, 2014, 3:24 PM

The Dazzl3d Artbook

Rendered Speechless is an art book that is unique: it consists of 3D artwork entirely from deviantARTists from a vast range of skill levels.  It delivers a combination of inspiring artwork and practical advice, ideal for both the 3D artist and the 3D art appreciator.

:bulletwhite:Features art created in a variety of programs;
:bulletwhite:Tips and tricks to help you at every stage of 3D production;
:bulletwhite:Thought-provoking essays on issues in working with 3D

Get it on

Group Policies

These are Dazzl3d's policies and gallery descriptions. If you have a question about the group, it's probably answered here, though members are always welcome to contact the group via note regarding specific questions.

By submitting to Dazzl3d, the member acknowledges that they have read these policies and agree to follow them.

Group FAQ

How do I join Dazzl3d?

Click on the "Join Our Group" button at the top of the page.  We're an open group, so once you click join, you'll be auto-approved.  Everyone is welcome!

How do I submit my work?

Only members of the group can submit artwork to the group.  To submit your work, click on the "Contribute Art" button at the top of the Submissions gallery page.

What do you mean by "3d artwork?"

Dazzl3d considers 3D artwork to be any creative work that features digital 3D elements.

learning is the key

3D Daily Deviations

It has come to our attention that there is a significant lack of 3D Daily Deviations being featured in the recent past.  We would like to take a moment to alert you to the proper people who can feature 3D Daily Deviations, to whom you should submit your nominations.

Submit 3D DD nominations to

lovelessdevotions or JunkbyJen,
the Community Volunteers for the Digital Art category.

Please submit your DD nominations to one or the other, not both, per the dA Guidelines:

3D Community Volunteer Needed

Normally, you would submit 3D DD nominations to the 3D Community Volunteer.  Unfortunately, the 3D Community Volunteer position is currently unfilled.

The 3D Community Volunteer (CV), in addition to featuring Daily Deviations, is also responsible for supporting the 3D community with events, challenges, educational projects, etc. and by writing features, articles, etc.  CVs also support the deviantArt community as a whole, for example by moderating forums or being part of the #help team.  You can read more about the CV's responsibilities here.

Being a Community Volunteer is a significant time commitment, but if you are interested in supporting the 3D community in this way, we at Dazzl3d encourage you to apply for the 3D Community Volunteer position.

We also encourage our members and other 3D groups to copy and re-post this notice to their journals to increase awareness of the need for a 3D Community Volunteer.

The Dazzl3d Team

learning is the key

Hi all,

As I'm sure you're aware, the People and Creatures gallery is by far the group's most popular.  It has recently maxed out on submissions1, so please submit your people and creatures to the People and Creatures II gallery, located here.

1Galleries have a maximum of 5,000 submissions. [Source]

Thank you.
Hello everyone!  Once again, this is lisemily reporting in.

About a month ago, I asked for your feedback on what you have gotten out of being a member of Dazzl3d so that I could take this into consideration while deciding what direction to take with Dazzl3d moving forward.  Thank you to everyone who offered their thoughts and comments; your feedback is very much appreciated and you all had some very good ideas and observations.

I would like to extend special thanks to mustakettu85, with whom I have talked a great deal about possible future directions for the group, and who has graciously agreed to join the admin team.  I am also pleased to announce the addition of four other members to the admin team, namely mjc26250, ThiarLynch, kittenwylde, and Fedelmid.  I hope you will join me in giving them all a warm welcome!

In the coming weeks, the new admin team and I will be working on giving Dazzl3d a makeover and resuming development of the group.  Be on the lookout for some exciting new changes that we believe will reinforce our mission, which has not changed since day one: Founded upon the principle that we all have something to learn from one another, Dazzl3d is a place where ALL artists can come and enjoy a specific medium: 3D art.

Thank you,
lisemily, Head Manager
Hello, everyone!  This is lisemily (formerly known as hermieluver) reporting in.

It's been a while.  Two years, to be specific.  I haven't been around much, and things have been going pretty much on autopilot.  I am writing this today because I have decided that it is time to make a decision about what will become of Dazzl3d moving forward.

Something will change, this is for certain.  The question is what and how.

However, I don't want to rush into this without any real forethought.  So I am opening this space for your comments and feedback.

Specifically, I would be interested in hearing:

-What, if anything, have you gotten from being a member of Dazzl3d?
-In particular, do you feel like you have gained anything from the group being open these past two years, given that there has been no active development of the group?

-If Dazzl3d were to continue, what would you like to see from it?

-How has your experience with Dazzl3d compared to your experience with other groups on or off dA?

-Any other thoughts you feel are important for this conversation

Thank you,
lisemily, Head Manager

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